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Sinister Soundscapes

Need a creepy atmosphere for your next horror-themed project? Our “Sinister Soundscapes” SFX Pack includes a professional collection of 12 horror ambiences, each offering two distinct styles: exploration and tension, to suit all your needs. Exploration sounds are perfect for scenes where characters investigate eerie environments, while tension sounds intensify the atmosphere, making every moment increasingly oppressive. The 12 ambiences include: Abandoned Hospital, Abandoned Shipwreck, Ancient Catacombs, Creepy Victorian Mansion, Cryptic Library, Derelict Asylum, Dilapidated Prison, Foggy Graveyard, Forsaken Town, Ghost Town, Haunted Forest, and Creepy Mountain Cabin. Each audio file is fully loopable, ensuring seamless integration into extended scenes. Immerse your audience in a world of fear, Download Now!

Total Audio Files: 24
Delivery: Digital Download – Instant
Type: Horror, Suspense, Ambiences
License Type: Standard License
Authors: Milos Petkovic

Audiofiles in this SFX Pack are embedded with Extensive Metadata following the Universal Category System (UCS).
SFX Pack – Demo. (Please note that all audio watermarks will be removed on download)