Welcome Milos! Our new contributor from Serbia

milos petkovic pic

Milos Petkovic, known professionally as milosaudio, is an accomplished Audio Producer hailing from Serbia. With a comprehensive education in audio production, Milos has honed his skills across a broad spectrum of sound engineering disciplines, including recording, mixing, and mastering sounds, music and vocals.

What truly sets Milos apart is his profound passion for horror audio. This genre, with its unique demands for creating suspenseful, and immersive soundscapes, is where Milos’s talents shine brightest. His ability to create sounds that chill to the bone have established him as a go-to expert in the realm of horror production.

For a closer look at his work or to connect, visit his Fiverr profile and follow him on Instagram to explore his projects and stay updated on his latest audio adventures. Welcome to Gfx Sounds!