Gfx Sounds

Standard License (SL)

The Standard License is the default license of our sound effects, SFX packs and music. It gives you a lot of freedom on where sound effects may be used, but it’s important to pay attention to details before you start your project.

Free Plan

If you have a free account and you want to use sound effects licensed via this Standard License, you must credit us in the form of a link back to our website. Credits must be added to the project itself, for example you can credit us in your YouTube video description, website or blog, game credits page and so on.

We recommend credit in the following form “Sound effects get from“, any similar form linking to our website is fine. If you can’t or don’t want to attribute or credit us when using sound effects from this license, you can upgrade your account here to a Creator or Pro account.

With a free account you can only download and use “free sound effects“. You will notice that the download button for some sound effects is not available, this means that those sounds can only be used and downloaded by users with an active premium plan.

If you will get money from your videos through ads or you will get money from your projects, you need a Commercial License and you get it upgrading to a Pro plan.

Creator or Pro Plan

If you have a Creator or Pro active plan, attribution is not required. Any sound effect, SFX pack or music downloaded while your account is upgraded to Creator or Pro retain many privileges, including attribution removal for life.

Our Pro plan include Commercial License. This means if you have a Pro active account you can use our sound effects, SFX Packs and Music in your commercial projects.