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Infernal Voices

Embrace the darkness with “Infernal Voices” your definitive Demon Voiceover Collection. This immersive sound bundle offers a gateway to capturing the essence of two distinct entities: the Demon King and the mischievous Imp Demon. This collection includes a comprehensive array of vocalizations such as: Grunts, Idles, Attack Shouts, Laughs, Sighs, Snores, Yawns, and Death Vocalizations. But there’s even more. “Infernal Voices” offers an extensive selection of Stock Lines, ideal for dialogues and Spell-Casting sequences. With “Infernal Voices” you have all the tools you need to immerse your audience in the dark and fantastical world of demons. Give life to your Demon Characters and let the reign of darkness begin!

Total Audio Files: 136
Delivery: Digital Download – Instant
Type: Games, Fantasy, Animations
License Type: Standard License
Authors: David Piper Vo

Audiofiles in this SFX Pack are embedded with Extensive Metadata following the Universal Category System (UCS).
SFX Pack – Demo. (Please note that all audio watermarks will be removed on download)

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