Introducing New Social Login Features

In today’s digital landscape, user-friendly access is key to a seamless online experience. This article explores the integration of social login options for, specifically through Google and X (Twitter). To provide a comprehensive understanding of our latest features, we’ve included visual aids to guide you through the login and registration processes.

social login features

While our current social login options include Google and Twitter, it’s essential to mention that our commitment to enhancing user accessibility doesn’t stop here. In the near future, we are exploring the possibility of extending social login capabilities to include popular platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

SignUp Process

You can register a new account either by accessing it directly from the login page, as demonstrated later in the article, or by accessing it from the registration page.

gfx sounds signup tab

When users opt for social login, the primary piece of information recorded is their email address, name and last name. This ensures a reliable means of communication and account recovery.

Access with Social Logins

Embracing the convenience of social logins, our platform now offers users the ability to sign in using their Google or Twitter accounts. This not only expedites the login process but also enhances the overall user experience.

gfx sounds login tab

Simply choose the social network to log in with, accept the permissions, and the login will be completed. If the user doesn’t exist yet, a new account will be created on the spot.

Duplicate Accounts

It’s important to note that during the registration process, the email from the social profile is automatically linked to the user’s account, creating a seamless integration of their social login information with our platform.

To maintain data integrity, when users with existing accounts under the same email address as their Google or Twitter profiles attempt to register, they will receive an error message indicating “User already registered through other medium” or “Email already exists“. This ensures that one email is associated with a single account to prevent confusion or concurrent sessions.

Profile Information Updates

Users need to be aware that updates made to their profile information through Google or Twitter after the SignUp Process will not reflect on our platform. This is crucial for users who may wonder why changes made on the social media platforms do not immediately translate to our site.

Separate Logins for Security

It’s important to note that if users register with Google or Twitter, subsequent logins should be performed using the respective social platform. Only by adding a password after registration users can unlock the option to log in using their email and password.

edit password

To accomplish this, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to your profile by clicking on My Account > Profile.
  • In Edit Profile select “Change Password” option to initiate the password addition process.
  • Insert and Confirm the new password.

By following these steps, users can strengthen their account security and enjoy the flexibility of logging in with either Google/Twitter credentials or their email and password combination. (Note* if you have logged in with the social network you will not be able to log in with your email and password until you have completed these steps).

Account Deletion

In the event that a user wishes to unlink their permissions from the chosen social platform, be it Google or Twitter, from an account with which they registered, it’s essential to highlight the implications.

When a user opts to unlink their social login from our platform, particularly from Google or Twitter, it results in the detachment of permissions. It’s crucial for users to understand that by taking this step, they will lose access to GFX Sounds. This measure is in place to ensure the security and integrity of the account, aligning with privacy considerations and preventing unauthorized access.

Before proceeding with the unlinking process, users should carefully consider the consequences and, if necessary, reach out to our support team for assistance [email protected].


The integration of social logins with Google and Twitter on our platform is a step towards a better user-experience. By understanding the aspects of email registration, duplicate accounts, and leveraging password options, users can navigate our site seamlessly. This guide aims to empower users, regardless of their technical expertise, to make the most of our access features.