Hollywood Choirs Diamond: Inside One of the Most Realistic Sounding Digital Choirs

In the ever-evolving world of virtual choir instruments, Hollywood Choirs Diamond emerges as one of the best, produced by the renowned duo of Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix. This virtual instrument is known as the epic follow-up to the widely acclaimed Voices of the Apocalypse (1999) and Symphonic Choirs (2005), both recognized as the best-selling and most awarded virtual choir instruments of their time.

hollywood choirs plugin

Hollywood Choirs Diamond represents a significant step forward, introducing a new generation of powerful cinematic vocals that redefine the boundaries of realism and dynamics in choral compositions.

Unmatched Realism and Dynamics

At the core of Hollywood Choirs Diamond’s acclaim is its unparalleled realism and dynamic range. The software expertly captures the essence of a live choir, from the softest murmurs to the most powerful crescendos.

This vast spectrum of expression empowers composers to convey intricate emotional narratives through choral music, making it a standout feature that sets Hollywood Choirs apart from its predecessors and competitors.

Innovative Choir Composition and Intuitive Interface

Hollywood Choirs Diamond simplifies the complex process of choir composition without sacrificing depth or versatility. The library is thoughtfully divided into Men’s and Women’s Choirs, encompassing a comprehensive selection of 74 instruments.

The standout feature, however, is the innovative WordBuilder Technology. This tool allows composers to input text in English (or phonetically in other languages) which the choir then sings, offering unprecedented control and customization in choral arrangements.

The user interface of Hollywood Choirs Diamond is designed with the modern composer in mind. It provides easy access to all necessary tools, from instrument management to audio/MIDI setup, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. The focus on user experience highlights the developers’ commitment to not just musical excellence but also to the practical needs of composers in a fast-paced industry.

Microphone Array and 3D Surround Sound

Exclusive to the Diamond Edition, Hollywood Choirs introduces a Microphone Array, offering composers insights into the configurations used in each of the 5 Mixes. Paired with a Neumann Dummy Head, this setup achieves 3D Surround Sound, immersing listeners in a virtual theater – like scenario.

hollywood choirs mixer

You can decide to hear the choir from different perspectives of both the stage and the whole room. This is a very useful tool that will affect the clarity of the words and the quality of the chosen reverb preset.

Words sung from a closer distance will be less affected by reverb and will be heard with more clarity. Words sung from the distance will result more affected by the chosen reverb, and will result wet.


WordBuilder Evolution

Hollywood Choirs includes a revamped version of WordBuilder, a program that transcends conventional choir composition. This is the very heart of this VST. Composers can type in words, and the choir sings them. Every note you play makes the software sing a single syllable, so you have to split every word in small units. There are also countless phrase presets across multiple languages, such as Italian, Latin, English, German and Spanish.

hollywood choirs word builder evolution

As written before, you can freely write the words you want in the word builder, but there are specific rules to make every words sound how you want. Since this is a very complex tool to be used correctly, is highly recommended to read the whole user manual before jumping into it. If you want to know how it works before purchasing it, you can read it here: EW Hollywood Choirs Manual.

Dynamic Control and Automation

Composers possessing Hollywood Choirs gain very specific controls over dynamics, thanks to features like consonant volume scaling, and vowels duration.

hollywood choirs time editor

You can also use your MIDI keyboard to control dynamics in real time. These tools empower creators to shape the choir dynamically, ensuring a performance that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.


There are different Reverb Presets. All of them add a different convincing sound environment and affect the comprehension of the words sung by the choir. If used wisely you can achieve a very realistic environment, giving your composition a very realistic sound quality.

Changes in volume, pan, and microphone mix can also be applied to give shape to the mix. Combining these features effectively will ensure a cohesive and professional result.

Audio Demos with Hollywood Choirs Diamond

Before you go and have super fun with this unique Plug-in, don’t miss to listen to this GFX Sounds Choir. It’s really a small thing made just for fun using it’s features only, but you can hear the difference between male and female choir with different default mic settings.

Some consonants, like T and D in this case, were too loud so the volume was lowered manually. But this was really easy to do thanks to the intuitive word builder interface.


Hollywood Choirs stands as a pinnacle of cinematic excellence in the realm of virtual choir instruments.

With its groundbreaking features, intuitive interface, and the wisdom shared by its producers, this virtual instrument empowers composers to craft compositions that sound realistic, delivering emotionally resonant and captivating musical experiences for both creators and audiences alike.